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About Marco

Loves to code while drinking espresso

Meet Marco

Marco is the CEO of Pixolini, Inc., an experienced mobile, web, and desktop app developer. He has a strong proven record in developing visually elegant and simple to use systems. He wrote his first native iOS app in 2008. His work and published apps can be seen at

At an early age he loved computers, his dad noticed and bought him a PC and he has been developing software since. He attended the University of Miami for an architecture degree, but he had already started his own business, and after four years he decided architecture was not for him. He developed systems for a diverse mix of industries including banking, health care, real estate, education, trucking, entertainment, and horizontal markets. Later, a leading banking software company acquired his MLN Enterprises, Inc. company. The main products were mortgage banking, processing, and marketing software.

Next, he started consulting and later created IdeaBlocks, Inc. with the purpose of software development consulting. He developed for a client that sold hospitality software for mobile, desktop, and web. The main products focus was hotel sales, catering, webspace, guest service, and maintenance software. The products synced via cloud servers using MS SQL Server with encryption applied to sensitive data. A small list of his client’s customers was Hyatt Place and Summerfield, Hilton Hotel, Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Marriott, Best Western, Radisson Hotel, Sheraton Hotels, Howard Johnson, Embassy Suites, and many more. Once his contract was done, he closed IdeaBlocks, Inc.

Today, his focus is running Pixolini, Inc. He develops mobile, desktop, and web apps for iOS, Mac, Android, Windows, and web. He also teaches a course at Udemy using a web app that he developed for analyzing real estate investment calculations. He developed and published over ten apps in each respective store.

He was interviewed by Hillel Coren from the “It’s All Widgets Flutter Podcast” on November 27th, 2018 and the episode is found at

“I cannot code without Espresso, Cappuccino, Coffee, and love Martial Arts.”

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