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In this video you are going to take a look at:

  • The fundamentals of widgets
  • How to use a full widget tree
  • How to use a shallow widget tree
    • Refactoring with a Constant
    • Refactoring with a Method
    • Refactoring with a Widget Class


The widget tree is how you create your UI; you position widgets within each other to build simple and complex layouts. Since just about everything in the Flutter framework is a widget, and as you start nesting them, the code can become harder to follow.

A good practice is to try to keep the widget tree as shallow as possible. To understand the full effects of a deep tree, you’ll look at a full widget tree and then refactor it into a shallow widget tree, making the code more manageable. You’ll learn three ways to create a shallow widget tree by refactoring: with a constant, with a method, and with a widget class.

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