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State Management using InheritedWidget for Journal App

We are going to take a look at how to use the InheritedWidget for State Management – No Packages.

Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial: YouTube Video

Source Code: GitHub




What is covered


In this project, you are going to take a look at:
• How to use InheritedWidget to pass data from a parent (ancestor) widget to child (descendant) widgets in the widget tree



The Problem:

  • Journal app has a mood selector value to be available to all pages.
  • All pages need to read selected mood from the parent page.

The Solution:

  • Use the InheritedWidget to allow child pages (widgets) to access the parent page selected mood by going up the widget tree.




The InheritedWidget is immutable and allows child widgets to access data (state) above in the widget tree

  1. Create a class that extends InheritedWidget
  2. Add fields to contain data
  3. Add the of() method to access the InheritedWidget from child widgets
  4. Add the updateShouldNotify() method to notify (via Flutter framework) widgets to rebuild if the data changed
class AppState extends InheritedWidget {
  final Moods moods;

  const AppState({
    Key? key,
    required this.moods,
    required Widget child,
  })  : super(key: key, child: child);

  static AppState? of(BuildContext context) {
    return context.dependOnInheritedWidgetOfExactType<AppState>();
  bool updateShouldNotify(AppState oldWidget) {
    return moods != oldWidget.moods;

How it Works


InheritedWidget – The InheritedWidget is great to pass data from an ancestor widget to descendent widget. The InheritedWidget is immutable and the data (attributes) are final (cannot change) and the Flutter framework rebuilds the InheritedWidget to refresh with new data.



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